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The Telegraph : Surrogate-born babies stranded in Ukraine due to coronavirus lockdown

Babies born to surrogate mothers in Ukraine are being left stranded after border restrictions mean foreigners cannot move in or out of the country.

Side by side in simple steel cots in a Kyiv hotel room lie more 50 newborn babies, mewling at the world as nurses comfort and care for them.

But these babies aren’t abandoned or unwanted. Far from it. They are the product of surrogacy arrangements with Ukrainian mothers who gave birth to them on behalf of couples desperate for children.

The problem is those couples cannot travel to the former Soviet republic because of travel restrictions imposed to help stem the spread of coronavirus.

The Telegraph has discovered a similar picture across several countries where surrogacy has become a way for women to earn desperately needed money by giving birth on behalf of more affluent families.

As well as Ukraine these include Georgia, the US, Canada, Mexico and Colombia….

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